The process of building every Platinum Home begins with a relationship. We want to know about the style, interests, and personality of our clients. Above all, we are custom home builders and want to know about the home they have always dreamed of owning. Each insight into our future homeowners helps the Platinum Home Team create and customize luxury homes that continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

When we begin our relationship, we also make sure to inform clients about the building process, current trends, and architectural design. We help clients navigate through a myriad of options toward a home that will elegantly express their tastes and facilitate their passions.

The Platinum Home Team follows seven phases of building to create each new home. Over time, we have perfected our process to make it consistently cost-effective and efficient. This seven phase process helps us adapt to the unique challenges of each custom home while completing our work on time and under budget.

Our Seven Phase Building Process

Phase One

Phase One consists of assembling a team, locating a site for the home, and executing initial budgets and contracts.

Phase Two

As we design the foundation and prepare the site for building during phase two, we also begin brainstorming design ideas with our client.

Phase Three

We use Phase Three to select and order major materials and appliances. Meanwhile, we begin laying the foundation and mapping out plumbing and electricity plans.

Phase Four

Phase Four focuses on creating the home’s foundation and installing major structures including roof and doors.

Phase Five

The purpose of Phase Five is to install important systems like HVAC, gas and security.

Phase Six

In addition to installing floors, stairs, and cabinetry, we use Phase Six to begin adding important details like texture and trim.

Phase Seven

Finally, we use Phase Seven to complete final touches on the home and make it ready for homeowners to move in.

What made the process work so well was the fact that we completely trusted that you would do what was in our best interest.

Doug & Natalie John